Golden Retrievers voor vriendschap

Of Barnsley Gold

Oosterwolde (Friesland)

Puppy plans

If all went well we hopefully expect another litter in the winter of 2019!

First In Line of Barnsley Gold x Dunehills Kind of Magic

HD B                                       HD A
ED Free                                      ED Free
Eyes: Clear                                Eyes: Clear
Dna tested

For the firs litter of our Silby we choose the lovely Gambler! Gambler is also the father of our Unique.

Gambler is a good hunting dog, he and his owner are very active on the huntingtraining and has a lot of certificats.
We expect lovely puppy's with a lot of will to please, and with a soft, gentle, character.

Downbelow a few pictures of Gambler, more information can be found on his own page: